• AO-111-103 Cherry Hearth Broom
    AO-111-103 Cherry Hearth BroomAO-111-103 Cherry Hearth Broom

    Cherry Hearth Broom

    Product Number: AO-111-103

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    H 30" x W 11" x D 2½"

     1 lb




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    The cherry hearth broom is smaller in size and fits perfectly on the fireplace hearth.  Beautifully designed and hand crafted,yet functional and made to be used everyday.  The handle is made from cherry with a honeysuckle vine wrapped spiral and the sweep from sections of broom corn stalk.  This broom is more decorative as it has a soft red dried flower embellishment on the front of the sweep.

    These brooms are truly unique. Each one is made with high quality sustainable materials and an impeccable attention to detail.  The styles and sizes can be reproduced but the handles will vary slightly since they are natural materials.  These brooms are special enough to be considered a collectors item, but all are intended to be used.

    AO-111-103 Cherry Hearth Broom

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    AO-111-103 Cherry Hearth Broom

    AO-111-103 Cherry Hearth Broom

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