Meet the artist:

Marlow Gates

"Should you ever wear out one of our brooms, send back the handle and, for a nominal fee, we will replace the head and return it for your further use."

                   - Marlow Gates


  A broom is just a broom, unless,  you know the rest of the story.  A broom by Marlow Gates and his family is an art form,  a collector's item,  a treasure that is made to be used, with a story that should make us all want one.  

 Marlow's  father, Ralph,  left NASA in 1973. He had been a software systems engineer who helped write the programs that landed the first man on the moon.  Craving for a way to simplify his seemingly glamorous yet hectic and stressful life and spend more time with his family, he studied the art of broom making under legendary master broom maker Lee "Pop" Ogle near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

He left NASA, moved his family to a picturesque valley (for some reason called, Sandy Mush) in the mountains of western North Carolina, and a new life began.

Marlow learned the art of making brooms at the age of five. At twelve, he was a recognized journeyman traveling with his father to arts and crafts shows exhibiting his creations.  Later in life, he left to study architecture at North Carolina State University. The more he studied, the more he appreciated the art of his family's craft. Realizing what he had left behind,  he left early to rejoin them as the business grew. 

We found Marlow and his brooms and it was,... well, "love at first sight".  His brooms are special. Each is handmade. Each is just a little different. You can see and "feel" the family and appreciate their incredible story in every strand of broom corn. They are beautiful, but they are also made to be used. (They'll even replace "the sweep" if you wear it out.)  The brooms are a special attraction in fine art galleries throughout the South.

No wonder Marlow was chosen to design the brooms for The Harry Potter Theme Park in Orlando. No wonder this family is now part of the CF Home family.


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