Meet the artist:

Matt Tommey

“Every basket begins with a walk

in the woods.”

                   - Matt Tommey


  In our hunt to find the South's most interesting and creative artists, we crossed paths with Matt Tommey, a master at basket weaving.

Matt is an artist, a musician and an author. His book, "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist" is all about inspiring other artists to embrace their creativity. He has been a singer/songwriter and spiritual leader for over twenty years both in the U.S. and abroad.

Matt's interest in basket weaving started nearly twenty years ago in rural Georgia where he grew up.
His unique style and use of materials puts him in a class of his own.
After spending a few years in Atlanta, as a marketing and advertising director, he and his wife made a life changing decision and moved to a quieter more simple lifestyle in the western North Carolina mountains where Matt could pursue his passion for making some of the finest baskets in the world.

The area's abundance of wild and rustic natural materials including kudzu, honeysuckle, bittersweet, wisteria and grapevines as well as the bark from various trees allows him to create whimsical traditional forms with a contemporary expression that is all his own.

"Every basket begins with a walk in the woods", he explains. "Connecting with the solitude of the woods helped me to find a place of rest with my creativity. It's in this place that I know that I'm loved and accepted beyond anything I would ever create."  

Each basket is a form of sculptural, functional art, each with its own personality radiating the creativity of an inspired artist — certainly the makings of a collector's choice.


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