Other Services

   Top-of-the-line powder coating services.

   Powder coated chair frames.

   Abrasive blasting capabilities using the Wheelabrator.

   Welding in our 10,000 sq. ft. metalwork facility.

Services We Offer

As well as making high quality metal furniture, Charleston Forge also offers a variety of specialized services to various industries, including powder coating, welding, steel fabrication and hot and cold forging.

Powder Coating
Charleston Forge offers this superior metal coating in almost limitless colors and textures.  
Powder coating is an extremely durable paint coating.  Not only is the coating an excellent choice for interior or exterior metal work it is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to liquid paint.
Charleston Forge offers:
- Ability to paint your small parts, such as hardware or your large production jobs, such as steel building panels.
- Abrasive Blasting and part washing in preparation for coating
- Hanging conveyor line and digitally controlled oven for accurate paint curing
- A variety of economical in-stock paint colors.

Welding and Steel Fabrication
Charleston Forge's 10,000 sq. ft. metalworking facility offers the following services:
-  Hot and Cold rolled steel and tubing in stock
-  Metal cutting
-  Metal bending
-  Hot and cold forging
-  Steel welding
-  Grinding and shot blasting
-  Product washing and powder coating (see above)

Custom Woodworking Services
Our Wood plant in Sparta, NC, is capable of producing a wide variety of custom work. We can offer you an experienced, highly skilled workforce utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Combined with Charleston Forge's custom design services
we can handle almost any project you bring to us.

Custom Furnishings
Hand made, American made functional metal furnishings have always been our passion. Charleston Forge offers design and fabrication services for your next decorative or functional project. Examples of our recent work include:
- Interior and exterior furnishings (wood and metal)
- Decorative hardware
- Stair railings
- Elegant shelving and storage
- Store displays and kitchen racks

To find out more call us at 828.264.0100 or 1.800.331.7025, email us at abeekman@charlestonforge.com or fill out the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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