Scaling on Steel

Scaling occurs as a natural part of the forging process when the heated metal oxidizes due to exposure to the surrounding air. Much of this scaling breaks off while being forge and is further removed later before the piece is painted. The resulting texture on the surface highlights the true nature of the steel.

Charleston Forge furniture is handmade, and much of it is forged, or bent, as part of the fabrication process. Scaling occurs whenever the steel is heated to the temperatures required to bend it. This heating process causes oxidization on the surface of the steel.

When the piece is bent some of that oxidized metal will flake off and leave the surface texture associated with much of our furniture. This is scaling. This is normal and typical of our furniture and this is not considered a defect. In fact there are a number of pieces of furniture in our line that, although they are not bent, are heated simply to create the scaling. It is part of the aesthetic and helps play up the look of the metal.

It is especially evident when a piece is painted with a translucent or semi-translucent finish, but the texture can often also be seen on pieces that have been painted in an opaque finish.


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