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The Maple Stump Dining Table

This hollowed red maple stump is a result of the interesting phenomenon of a cut tree regeneration.

After the tree was harvested, the healthy remainder of the stump responded to the loss of its trunk and energy-producing canopy by sprouting rapid growing new shoots. Multiple stems will blossom out from the perimeter of the trunk in a quick attempt to regain food-producing leaves.

Ultimately, these sprouts will thin due to inner competition, but a few will remain to continue growing. The old stump will slowly rot away leaving a hollow void. The new stems will begin molding over the form of the old trunk creating a “molten flow” effect as they grow down to form new roots.

These regenerated stumps do not always survive long enough to get large as they tend to have a weak base and are susceptible to a host of parasitic invaders. However, on the rare occasion that they do, the results can be spectacular. Even rarer is to find a balanced configuration such as this.

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