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Charleston Forge has a long history of hand-building beautiful, high quality, steel, wood, and leather furniture. We have an extensive catalog of products and do a large amount of custom work and have built product for retailers such as Room & Board, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Bloomingdales, Starbucks, just to name a few.

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Philip Holman - Thursday, February 24, 2011
My wife and I were watching ABC news with Diane Sawyer one evening several weeks ago when at the end of her show, Ms. Sawyer announced that ABC would be buying a house and totally furnishing it with American made furniture.  As Americans, determined to keep making furniture in America, Susan and I instantly looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief and excitement. Finally,  a big news agency is going to give those of us who have fought so hard to keep making furniture on American soil some national recognition. What a boost that could be!  And then, the thought, "what if our company and the area where we live got some of that exposure!!"   Probably not going to happen. We're a small company tucked back here in the hills just doing our thing, and what are the chances they would know about us.

Three weeks later, sitting in my office, the phone rings. "This is ABC NEWS in New York and we're initiating a project that will feature furniture that is made in America". I immediately hit the mute button on my phone and screamed for Susan to come to my office right away. She heard, as my witness that it was one of Diane Sawyer's contributing reporters and we got interviewed right then and there. After the call, the reporter sent us her contact information by email and then we checked her out on the web.  Can you imagine the sight of two grandparents running and screaming through the office telling our staff of what had just happened!  We called our parents, our friends, our vendors and our banker.  Wow-can this be real?!!

The next day there are emails flying all through our industry about the ABC News project encouraging everyone making furniture in America to contact ABC to get in on the project.  What a compliment!! They had already contacted us.   Whether we are lucky enough to land on national tv or not, this will bring exposure to the furniture industry and especially to those of us who have fought so hard not to send our jobs overseas.  Thank you Diane Sawyer and ABC and congratulations to all of you American manufacturers--no matter what you make!!

You can link to the ABC News clip here: ABC News: A Call to Buy Goods Made in America

- Art Barber, Chairman/CEO

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