The Art of Furniture

Charleston Forge has a long history of hand-building beautiful, high quality, steel, wood, and leather furniture. We have an extensive catalog of products and do a large amount of custom work and have built product for retailers such as Room & Board, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Bloomingdales, Starbucks, just to name a few.

2015 April Market

Charleston Forge - Monday, April 06, 2015

Coffee Anyone?

Charleston Forge - Friday, February 27, 2015

Modern Day Home Office

Charleston Forge - Sunday, February 22, 2015
Modern Day Home Office

Clean, organized space...carefully decorated but cozy.  Casual elegance is what you are after in a home office and creating a pleasant and inspiring work environment. This is your home, it needs to be functional for work, but decorated to your taste.  
Check out our new board on Pinterest titled Modern Day Home Office, and become inspired.  

Happy Valentine's Day from Charleston Forge

Charleston Forge - Saturday, February 14, 2015

We love our fans and customers.  Here is a red hot heart from our forge.  

Made in USA = Shipped from USA

Charleston Forge - Sunday, January 25, 2015
The Charleston Forge Advantage - Quick Shipping

Made in USA, means shipped from USA.

In the shipping department, Wayne and Betty box up a Cooper 70" Console.

With Charleston Forge's personal service, you know what to expect.  And with most of our pieces, you can expect your order to ship in four to six weeks from the date it is acknowledged. 
In addition, we have 27 drink tables, with the option of 17 hand applied finishes, that can be produced and shipped from our plant within 4 days. We know this is important for both the retailer and the consumer.  

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Colorful, Wild and One of a Kind

Charleston Forge - Sunday, January 18, 2015

Color and creativity energizes the factory when a custom design rolls through assembly with a mix of bright colors, fabrics or even animal skins and prints.  It takes all tastes and every kind of decor to make this big world go 'round. Charleston Forge loves to fill these fun custom requests from our designers. And sometimes, our photographer is strolling through the factory and finds them completed, just as they are ready to be shipped.  

Whatever colorful and wild idea you can think up, we can help make it a reality.

Las Vegas Furniture Market

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charley the Elf

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Happy New Year to our Charleston Forge family and customers!

We enjoyed our visits from Charley the Elf just before Christmas this past year.  If you missed hearing about him, here are some of the funny photos we caught of Charley in the Charleston Forge factory and office. 

Let's hope we see more of him next Christmas.  

And we hope to see more of all of you in 2015!  We will continue to provide to you our passion and what we do best...handcrafting beautiful quality furniture with the most personal customer service any Made in the USA company can offer.  

Best wishes in the new year!

Custom Davidson Table

Charleston Forge - Thursday, December 11, 2014
Behind the scenes story:
One of a kind custom Davidson Table
Another gorgeous Charleston Forge custom table and another interesting "behind the scenes" story to share.  This substantial table was ordered by an interior designer located in Idaho. The table, although based on our current Davidson design, was a challenging build. Our General Manager, Andrew Beekman explains that the challenge was in the precision of all the components to fit together exactly. Charleston Forge built the base, but the base had to fit perfectly with the wood frame...which then must fit perfectly around the Facet glass top. Both the wood frame and the glass top were ordered from the same full size template that we used for the metal base. The measurements of each component would need to be precise. This isn't anything we can't handle, we do this every day....and have for 30 years.  

Meet Ernie, an artist of numerous talents and skills, who has worked with Charleston Forge for 27 years. This custom Davidson table is large and precise and will need Ernie's expertise and attention to detail. Ernie begins working on cutting and welding the table base and legs.  

Our lead engineer and General Manager, Andy Beekman assists Ernie to check the frame (which is still warm from welding) against glass top and unpainted wood frame.

Ernie takes the frame back to his work station, as he notices some areas on the frame that need minor adjustments.

Next, Ernie adds the legs to the table top base.

Above: The completed and freshly painted Davidson table frame. 

Ongoing quality control.  (above) Plant Manager, David Kiker and engineer April Lyle check the wood base to the metal frame. At this point, the pieces must line up exactly in order to fit together.   
(below) April and David ask Randy from shipping to lend his muscles to lift the glass top, which is extremely heavy and fragile. 

The completed Custom Davidson Table prior to shipping.

Our Legacy

Charleston Forge - Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Legacy is one of our top selling designs, it is a stately design, complicated and elegant. It is a design in which we are proud to put our name. Bending cold hard steel into such delicate details is not an easy feat. But our employees make us proud everyday, as they create and forge the Legacy tables, chairs and benches that go out to retail stores and Charleston Forge customers all over the world. Here are some interesting facts you probably don't know about "Our Legacy".
  • Legacy was designed by John Winer. John lives in Mountain City, Tennessee.  He is a contributing designer and has worked for Charleston Forge for many years. Find out more about him in his biography blog, here.
  • The legs of the Legacy are the thickest production part that we currently forge in our factory. 
  • The process of heating the legs so they are ready to forge takes at least as much energy as it takes an average car to drive 25 miles. 
  • They start out as 2" thick cold solid steel.  They are heated and hammered to about a 1" taper.  Our workers than reheat the legs and bend them into shape.
  • Each steel wrap, like the ones you see Chad working with below, is 4 feet long. That is over 16 feet of steel to heat and wrap for each piece we make.  Chad does a beautiful job. Enjoy these behind the scenes photos of Chad working on a table wrap.

Chad heats and hammers the steel to wrap the legs...
 the process is slow, but the results are timeless.

The Legacy table before and after the final painting process. 

April measures a custom order that was created based on the Legacy design. Many of our custom orders are adaptations of existing designs that are currently in our line. 

Legacy 48" Round Dining Table.

Legacy Arm Chair

Legacy 46" Bench

Legacy Rectangular Dining Table

It's a wrap!

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