The Art of Furniture

Charleston Forge has a long history of hand-building beautiful, high quality, steel, wood, and leather furniture. We have an extensive catalog of products and do a large amount of custom work and have built product for retailers such as Room & Board, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Bloomingdales, Starbucks, just to name a few.

Charleston Forge Introduces Writing Desks

Charleston Forge - Saturday, June 28, 2014
The New Charleston Forge Writing Desk.

The purpose of Charleston Forge's newest design, the writing desk, is to offer a clean, sophisticated and functional space to fit our ever changing home office needs.

Charleston Forge has created a new category of product based on the look of the best selling items we offer.  The Charleston Forge writing desks provide a functional alternative to the clunky executive desks that have been made redundant.  Regardless of whether your style leans toward traditional, mid-century, transitional or rustic, our six exquisite designs deliver on style, to fit any decor. 

It is time to love the place where you work, and with many of us working from home, you should love the aesthetically pleasing offerings from Charleston Forge.

Photo Shoot in Historic Market Square, High Point NC

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"Historic Market Square is a former furniture factory that has been transformed into unique upscale showrooms.  The building features five floors with an incredible backdrop of original hardwood floors, exposed brick, massive wood columns and other original features of this re-purposed factory complex. Market Square is North Carolina’s largest adaptive-use building listed on the National Register of Historic Places." (copy from

Charleston Forge has a beautifully designed showroom located in the heart of Historic Market Square.  Walking though the halls of the building feels like walking back in time and architecturally there is so much to take in.  We love being located in this building, it is where we began and it is where our roots are.  With our introduction pieces already on display in High Point, we took our photographers, along with Art and Susan Barber to do all the grunt work, and spent several days photographing for the new catalog. The finished images will be released soon enough, but in the meantime, enjoy these behind the scene candid shots.  You can tell we had so much fun!  We love what we do and sharing it with you!

Art Barber and Karen Lehmann straighten the backdrop for this Charleston Forge console.

Philip Holman, photographer and marketing director for Charleston Forge,  checking lighting and exposure. A lot of work goes into each detail of each shot.

Susan and Mindy kick off their shoes and get to work...who are we kidding, this didn't feel like work.

Art sneaks into our shot, notice the mischievous grin. 

Our designers set up the shot for this Baker's Rack, double checking each detail. 

Um...Art...I think you missed a spot.

Shooting from a different perspective.

Still smiling at the end of a long day.

April 2014 High Point Furniture Market

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, March 25, 2014
High Point Market: The World's Home for Home Furnishings.

We are getting ready for the furniture market, the furniture industry's fashion show. Watch out! Made in USA is back in style! The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 85,000 people to High Point every six months. Serious retail home furnishings buyers can be found in High Point twice a year because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn't exist.  

Charleston Forge will be there. Market Square showroom 110-A.  We want to show you what's new and what's selling. Hope to see you there too!

Charleston Forge and Rooster's Wood-Fired Grill

Jeff Greer - Saturday, February 15, 2014

When the second location of Roosters Wood-Fired Grill in Uptown Charlotte was in the planning stages, it was part of the design theme to use as many local resources as possible. Charleston Forge and Wright Table, among other local artisans and manufacturers, were brought together to light, decorate and create for this Charlotte treasure.

Over the last few months, the Rooster's Team, designer Holly Carter, and Charleston Forge, have worked together from concept to install to create metal forged lighting systems (a new, yet very successful venture), and a quite impressively sized wine rack for the restaurants impressive wine selection.

Rooster's, the brainchild of Chef Jim Nobel (of Nobel's Restaurant in High Point, NC) and team, provides upscale mouth watering, reasonably priced fair, in a beautiful atmosphere for the Charlotte area. Imagine walking off the streets of the bustling large city of Charlotte, most often thought of as the banking capital of the southeast, into a warmly lit restaurant filled with wooden tables, hand-forged metals, and beautiful design; all created and welded by the hands of locals with a distinctly upscale southern appeal. 

(above: Ernie beginning the welding process on the lighting for Rooster's Uptown location.)

(from left: "Hands on" CEO Art Barber grinding to a smooth finish; Sending the metal through to ensure impurities are removed from the surface; Putting on the final touches at the paint booth.)

(from left: The outside of Rooster's Uptown location; Metalwork from inside the restaurant.) 

Customer Service at Charleston Forge

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The client was thrilled with everything she received. You are still the best!" 
     Interior Designer, San Antonio, TX

"Top notch company,with top notch customer service (which is scarce these days) and quality products hand crafted to last. Couldn't have been a more pleasant shopping experience!"  

   Susan from Charlotte, N.C.

"We are very impressed with how your company handled our situation. It restores some of the faith we have in American business when we run into companies like yours that actually care…we hope your line is supported by the designers here in Wichita so that we can have long and profitable relationship." 

     Interior Designer, Wichita, KS

"My recent dealings with your Customer Service department have made such an impression on me that I will certainly be considering Charleston Forge for more of my clients in the future. 

     Interior Designer, Danvers, MA

 "Just wanted to let you know that the "Custom Wine Rack- Console" is just SPECTACULAR!!!. My vision was brought to life and since it was for my house, my husband and I could not have been more pleased. Everything from the quality of workmanship, and even how it was packed, shows the quality of the company. I use my home as my showroom and will look forward to designing many more pieces with you. It was filled with wine 5 minutes after it arrived!"

 "I had occasion to call Charleston Forge.  The man who answered the phone said he wasn't usually the person who took the orders, but it was after hours and the regular staff was gone for the day, he assured me he could take care of my request.  We had a delightful conversation about Charleston Forge products and even a little about the Green Bay Packers.  When I got an order confirmation email from Mr. Barber, I was astounded to know I had been talking to the CEO!  I love buying quality American-made products, especially from a company as reputable as Charleston Forge.  And it doesn't hurt that their CEO is also willing to take time to talk to a customer who only needed $10 worth of chair glides!."
Susan F., Customer, Wisconsin

The Cake Tester and the Cake Baker

Charleston Forge - Monday, December 09, 2013

CF Home absolutely loves this treasure that we found for our online store.

This hand-crafted cake tester is a fun and functional widget to have hanging in your kitchen. It takes the guesswork out of baking your favorite cakes, bread and muffins. Instead of using an often too short toothpick, simply break off one of the pieces of broom corn and insert it into the center of your confection to test its readiness. If it comes out clean you know it is finished baking and ready to savor.  A unique gift for anyone who enjoys a well equipped kitchen. The Cake Tester is crafted by the same artist who makes the other handmade brooms which we proudly offer on CF Home.  We love the story of broom maker, Marlow Gates and his family.  Read his story and order a cake tester for yourself or holiday gifts by clicking below:

Scroll down for more on Jo Ann Hallmark

Jo Ann Hallmark of Hallmark cakes is a premiere wedding and celebration cake designer. In our continued quest to promote and support  local businesses, we want to introduce her to you if you haven't already had the guilty pleasure of one of her cakes.  We contacted her to ask her to share with us some useful tips for better cake baking.  Scroll past these delicious cake images to find what she has to share.


1.  Often you can find a tool from another hobby to help in baking, I use a sewing gauge to level cakes.

2.  Once you take a cake out of the oven and let it cool in the pan, stick it (still in the pan) in the freezer.  Once it's frozen, put the pan on a hot burner for a few seconds to warm the pan so the cake comes out easily.  A frozen cake is much easier to level and frost, by the time your finished it will be thawed.

3.  Weighing ingredients on a digital scale is more accurate than using measuring cups.

4.  Sometimes when a recipe calls for sifting ingredients together they really just want the dry ingredients mixed together. You'll combine them much more thoroughly by whisking them together.

5.  If a yolk breaks and a drop spills into the whites when you are separating eggs, use a clean eggshell as a scoop to remove the yolk, it will be drawn to the eggshell.

John Winer, A Man of Full of Color among Shades of Grey

Charleston Forge - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Upon entering John Winer's blacksmith studio located on his beautiful mountain property in East Tennessee, you may immediately notice that it all seems to be varying shades of grey. His tools are grey, his anvil is grey, the stacked metal rods waiting forging and even the coal used to heat the forge are all grey. In contrast, two things stand out as colorful, the red flame and glowing embers from the hot forge, and John himself. John is a colorful character and anyone who knows him will testify to that. He has a bright personality, marvelous positive energy and in a very vibrant way, submerged in this world of grey, he stands out.

John is now sought out regionally, as he has an uncanny ability to understand and interpret the dreams of his clients and deliver craftsmanship beyond their imagination.
In addition to his work being in a multitude of very exclusive homes, he has also been commissioned for design work for restaurants, banks and other commercial establishments and he has been featured regularly in a variety of publications.
John has been a contributing designer and blacksmith working with Charleston Forge for many years.  We get great pleasure out of supporting artists like John and sharing their work and their stories with you.

Anna Lehman, The Psychology of Design

Charleston Forge - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Anna Lehman, MA, LPA of Anna Lehman Interior Design, Inc. agreed to talk with us regarding current design trends.  We met her at her home for an interview, and while there, she showed us around.   As you would expect, her home is stunning but equally comfortable, warm and inviting. There is a wonderfully interesting explanation her decision to design and decorate her home this way. Although she wanted a home that was reflective of the environment and community in which she lives, she was careful to make design and decorating choices which reflect her family's lifestyle above all else. One of the driving forces behind Anna's design decisions comes from her unique background of having both undergraduate and master's degrees in the field of psychology.  This makes her a unique design professional as she is the only designer we know of who has a helping professions background as well as a design/decorating business.   In Anna's own words she explains, "As I am talking with my clients I am careful to find out exactly how they imagine living in the space before we ever even get to discussing design details.  I have a background which requires me to have strong interviewing skills and more importantly the ability to really listen to what people are telling me.  In the field of psychology this is known as active listening.   Not everyone hast his focus, because they are not trained to.  Really being able to listen to what your client has to say means to discover what is important to them in the design and decoration of their home and how they plan to use it on a daily bases".  Anna is careful to ask the right questions and then hear what the client wants during our initial interview. And through their budget and her resources, she can help them obtain exactly that.   This has been one of her best tools with her successful design business. "9/11 shifted the psyche of many people.  People want peace at home, whether it is a condo, and house or a mansion."  Anna feels that we are all yearning for that sense of peace, and many want to find it in the space where they live.  "Home is a refuge from the outside world and the stress we experience once we walk out the front door. That desire for a peaceful refuge  feeds down what paint colors or the fabrics they choose.  When people feel good in a space they want to be there more often."  The theme then should be carried out throughout the entire home, for a good design should make sense from the front door to the back door and from top to bottom.

For Anna's home, she was careful to stick with a theme of bringing the outside, inside.  Using materials that reflect the mountains and depict rustic elegance.

With so many design shows on the television, it isn't uncommon for people to watch HGTV and get just enough expertise to be dangerous.  It helps to have good, and professional planning up front so expensive and time consuming mistakes don't happen.

Anna has very discerning taste as evidence by the expensive art displayed on her walls, and even more invaluable art, covering her refrigerator doors.

Blowing Rock Ale House and Inn

Charleston Forge - Friday, October 25, 2013

Blowing Rock Ale House and Inn, Blowing Rock, NC.

This quaint inn, located in the heart of historic downtown Blowing Rock was built around World War II. It recently got a face lift and opened as the Ale House and Inn in 2013.  Charleston Forge loves to support local businesses, and this one happens to be a favorite of ours, partly because of their excellent choice in bar stools. Scroll down to see the custom, handsome and comfortable, stools the Inn ordered from us for the pub.  

This Ale House and Inn is one of a kind to the High Country as it's brewery is in its backyard. 

 The brewery is open daily for tours and tasting of their everyday, special and seasonal beers.

The pub features eight of our barstools. Like all Charleston Forge furniture they are beautifully designed and built to last, with solid steel construction and a leather cushion.

For more information, reservations or the history of the inn, visit their website

Meet our Artists, Tom Wooten

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet Tom Wooten, a talented designer and blacksmith, who has had a close working relationship with Charleston Forge for over two decades.

Tom has an unconventional method of design which triggers his creativity.  Sitting down with a sketchpad and pencil, he often spends less than a minute swiftly sketching a variety of swirls and curves. "The faster I scribble the better the idea," Tom explains. These quick and rough drawings become his designs, and when he makes his way into the forge they take shape.

Tom creates beautiful work using steel, copper and bronze.  He often adds other elements such as wood, stone or glass to his art.  We are now featuring two candle stands which are CF Home exclusive designs, both can be found on our website.

251 Industrial Park Drive, Boone NC 28607 USA

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