The Art of Furniture

Charleston Forge has a long history of hand-building beautiful, high quality, steel, wood, and leather furniture. We have an extensive catalog of products and do a large amount of custom work and have built product for retailers such as Room & Board, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Bloomingdales, Starbucks, just to name a few.

Custom Davidson Table

Charleston Forge - Thursday, December 11, 2014
Behind the scenes story:
One of a kind custom Davidson Table
Another gorgeous Charleston Forge custom table and another interesting "behind the scenes" story to share.  This substantial table was ordered by an interior designer located in Idaho. The table, although based on our current Davidson design, was a challenging build. Our General Manager, Andrew Beekman explains that the challenge was in the precision of all the components to fit together exactly. Charleston Forge built the base, but the base had to fit perfectly with the wood frame...which then must fit perfectly around the Facet glass top. Both the wood frame and the glass top were ordered from the same full size template that we used for the metal base. The measurements of each component would need to be precise. This isn't anything we can't handle, we do this every day....and have for 30 years.  

Meet Ernie, an artist of numerous talents and skills, who has worked with Charleston Forge for 27 years. This custom Davidson table is large and precise and will need Ernie's expertise and attention to detail. Ernie begins working on cutting and welding the table base and legs.  

Our lead engineer and General Manager, Andy Beekman assists Ernie to check the frame (which is still warm from welding) against glass top and unpainted wood frame.

Ernie takes the frame back to his work station, as he notices some areas on the frame that need minor adjustments.

Next, Ernie adds the legs to the table top base.

Above: The completed and freshly painted Davidson table frame. 

Ongoing quality control.  (above) Plant Manager, David Kiker and engineer April Lyle check the wood base to the metal frame. At this point, the pieces must line up exactly in order to fit together.   
(below) April and David ask Randy from shipping to lend his muscles to lift the glass top, which is extremely heavy and fragile. 

The completed Custom Davidson Table prior to shipping.

Our Legacy

Charleston Forge - Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Legacy is one of our top selling designs, it is a stately design, complicated and elegant. It is a design in which we are proud to put our name. Bending cold hard steel into such delicate details is not an easy feat. But our employees make us proud everyday, as they create and forge the Legacy tables, chairs and benches that go out to retail stores and Charleston Forge customers all over the world. Here are some interesting facts you probably don't know about "Our Legacy".
  • Legacy was designed by John Winer. John lives in Mountain City, Tennessee.  He is a contributing designer and has worked for Charleston Forge for many years. Find out more about him in his biography blog, here.
  • The legs of the Legacy are the thickest production part that we currently forge in our factory. 
  • The process of heating the legs so they are ready to forge takes at least as much energy as it takes an average car to drive 25 miles. 
  • They start out as 2" thick cold solid steel.  They are heated and hammered to about a 1" taper.  Our workers than reheat the legs and bend them into shape.
  • Each steel wrap, like the ones you see Chad working with below, is 4 feet long. That is over 16 feet of steel to heat and wrap for each piece we make.  Chad does a beautiful job. Enjoy these behind the scenes photos of Chad working on a table wrap.

Chad heats and hammers the steel to wrap the legs...
 the process is slow, but the results are timeless.

The Legacy table before and after the final painting process. 

April measures a custom order that was created based on the Legacy design. Many of our custom orders are adaptations of existing designs that are currently in our line. 

Legacy 48" Round Dining Table.

Legacy Arm Chair

Legacy 46" Bench

Legacy Rectangular Dining Table

It's a wrap!

This Monarch Rules

Charleston Forge - Thursday, October 30, 2014

Behind every piece of art there is an artist.  Behind every artist there is a story. It is the story within the artist that gives them inspiration and unharnesses their imagination, allowing them to create things that astonish us and move us. We so love sharing our artists and their inspiration with you.  We want you to know the whole story, so when someone asks, "where did you find that lovely piece”,  you don't simply tell them where you bought it, you can add, “ And let me tell you the story behind it”…

At Charleston Forge we work with a lot of artists, beginning with design and creation of each piece.  One of our designers, John Davis from Roanoke, Virginia, has a story about the concept behind the Monarch base.  John was crossing an ancient arched stone bridge over a rushing stream in Sweden when he felt inspired to interpret the scene into a console for Charleston Forge. It was a grey day, cloudy and misting but the shape of that bridge piped rays of beauty into his imagination. Instantly he knew that the frame finish had to be done in our hand-rubbed antique silver, reflecting the character of that day. The path over the bridge was covered in fine small ebony colored stones, the likes of which he had never seen. So, he directed the solid maple top of the console to be a soft, alligator skin texture in our hand applied, ebony finish. Mission accomplished, a magnificent console, inspired by ancient shapes, interpreted into modern form.  

This is the original Monarch Console as designed by John Davis.

And now more of the story... 

Meet our Master craftsman, Ernie.  Out in our factory, Ernie works hard with John's original drawings. He and his team then build each and every piece of the console by hand, carefully measuring each bend, cut and weld. 

From John's original design, other stunning Monarch creations have emerged...

Meet our Monarch Bench...

Our newest desk introduction...

and a multitude of custom pieces requested by interior designers and everyday Charleston Forge customers, such as this one shown below.

To find out more about our Monarch designs, either what is currently in our line or a custom idea you may have, contact us at Charleston Forge here.  

John Davis also designs the most unique and high quality, Silver Tear Campers, click here to see more. 

Charleston Forge has Defined Quality for 30 years

Charleston Forge - Sunday, October 12, 2014

Charleston Forge - American Made for 30 years

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Charleston Forge-Design Today

Charleston Forge - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Maria Adams, Principal Designer, AIDP contacted us recently about a featured article in Design Today, an online publication by Furniture Today . She explains that even though the article is about the rug, our coffee table is front and center.  Maria designed this family room for the Greensboro Designer Show House earlier this year.  We are proud to see our work and design featured in such a beautiful space.  Mostly, we appreciate Maria taking the time to share this issue and article with us. 

"Still Southern Made" - Southern Living Magazine

Charleston Forge - Monday, August 11, 2014

 "Here we've chosen to spotlight both the old and new- school companies and individuals who are churning out INSPIRING, made -in-the-south goods...
even when elsewhere might be easier and cheaper." - SL 2014

Charleston Forge wants to shout out 'kudos!' to Southern Living Magazine for their recent article on 
interior design, hand-made in the south.   
...and of course, a special thanks for recognizing and including us.

Share in our delight and be sure to pick up the August 2014 issue of Southern Living Magazine.  Locating the article titled "Still Southern Made" you will find Charleston Forge is proudly one of a small selection of designers they chose to highlight. 

"[Southern Artisans] are energizing the world of interiors with bright colors, unique materials and fresh ideas.  Here we've chosen to spotlight both the old and new- school companies and individuals who are churning out inspiring, made -in-the-south goods...even when elsewhere might be easier and cheaper.  Because, let's be honest: BUYING LOCAL is often more expensive, just as you'd expect to pay more for a handcrafted beer than a regular old Budweiser, the same is true here.  You're investing in the quality of the fabrics, construction, materials and design.  Pieces are built one at a time, often by hand. They are crafted by true artisans, woodworkers, painters, and metalsmiths who are too quickly being replaced by machines and assembly lines in other parts of the world.  This level of craftsmanship is the antithesis of our so called disposable society...creating heirlooms for future generations of this wonderful place we call home." - SL 2014

Charleston Forge, Custom Made

Charleston Forge - Friday, August 01, 2014
Since the day we opened our doors back in 1984, we have been offering our customers the opportunity to use our skilled craftsmen's talents to modify our products or create a totally new product that will help them meet a specific need.

Every day we get to see our customers' creativity making its way through our shop. Whether it's color, shape, size, a combination of new elements, or something else, we enjoy learning from your input.

Creating out of the ordinary furniture has helped us achieve the status of being a multi-recipient of the furniture industry's prestigious Pinnacle Award, the highest honor given by the American Society of Furniture Designers.

Charleston Forge Introduces Writing Desks

Charleston Forge - Saturday, June 28, 2014
The New Charleston Forge Writing Desk.

The purpose of Charleston Forge's newest design, the writing desk, is to offer a clean, sophisticated and functional space to fit our ever changing home office needs.

Charleston Forge has created a new category of product based on the look of the best selling items we offer.  The Charleston Forge writing desks provide a functional alternative to the clunky executive desks that have been made redundant.  Regardless of whether your style leans toward traditional, mid-century, transitional or rustic, our six exquisite designs deliver on style, to fit any decor. 

It is time to love the place where you work, and with many of us working from home, you should love the aesthetically pleasing offerings from Charleston Forge.

Photo Shoot in Historic Market Square, High Point NC

Charleston Forge - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"Historic Market Square is a former furniture factory that has been transformed into unique upscale showrooms.  The building features five floors with an incredible backdrop of original hardwood floors, exposed brick, massive wood columns and other original features of this re-purposed factory complex. Market Square is North Carolina’s largest adaptive-use building listed on the National Register of Historic Places." (copy from

Charleston Forge has a beautifully designed showroom located in the heart of Historic Market Square.  Walking though the halls of the building feels like walking back in time and architecturally there is so much to take in.  We love being located in this building, it is where we began and it is where our roots are.  With our introduction pieces already on display in High Point, we took our photographers, along with Art and Susan Barber to do all the grunt work, and spent several days photographing for the new catalog. The finished images will be released soon enough, but in the meantime, enjoy these behind the scene candid shots.  You can tell we had so much fun!  We love what we do and sharing it with you!

Art Barber and Karen Lehmann straighten the backdrop for this Charleston Forge console.

Philip Holman, photographer and marketing director for Charleston Forge,  checking lighting and exposure. A lot of work goes into each detail of each shot.

Susan and Mindy kick off their shoes and get to work...who are we kidding, this didn't feel like work.

Art sneaks into our shot, notice the mischievous grin. 

Our designers set up the shot for this Baker's Rack, double checking each detail. 

Um...Art...I think you missed a spot.

Shooting from a different perspective.

Still smiling at the end of a long day.

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