Our Factory

We would love to have you visit our factory in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

You’d see a family of artisans hammering hot metal, woodsmiths hand-planing wood table tops, and painters meticulously applying their glazes. You’d see the care and attention they put into each piece of furniture with a sense of hand that no machine could ever match.

There is no doubt that you would leave with a real appreciation of just how special our product is.  We're celebrating nearly three decades of American craftsmanship — we're proud of what we do and we pledge our best to you.

Click on the image of the anvil below-left to enlarge, and take a visual tour through our facility.


Celebrating nearly three decades of American craftsmanship.Raw steel stock waiting for cutting and fabrication.Cutting components for our Warehouse Collection.Trimming parts for a custom order.Recently forged frame parts cooling on a workbench.Gas forges heat steel parts for bending.Jigs are used during forging to ensure consistent bends.A red hot chair leg emerges from a forge.
A mechanical hammer is used to taper what will become a table leg.Hammering a piece of steel stock into a tapered table leg.Jigs are used on all curved parts to ensure consistent results.Bending part of a table base around a jig.Bending part of a table base around a jig.Tools of the trade.Welding the base of a Cascade Drink Table.Trimming a table frame part before welding.
Using a welding jig to fabricate a shelf frame for a Baker's Rack.A piece of steel bar is trimmed after it was heated and hand-wrapped on the base of a Legacy Bench.Smoothing-out welds prior to painting.Grinding down a weld on an Oculus Cocktail Table top.Frames receiving our Burnished Iron finish are all wire-brushed prior to painting to bring out the natural beauty of the steel.Steel frames are run through shot-blast machine and then washed to clean them prior to painting.Our in-house powder-coating paint system lets us ensure the quality of our durable finishes.A Baker's Rack is hand-painted with one of our premium metal finishes.
Hand-painting a Cascade Drink table base.A maple console top is stained in our in-house wood finishing department.A set of shelves for a corner baker's rack is wiped down between coats of lacquer.Assembling the back of a Shaker Arch Barstool.Finished frames are matched with their respective cushions, tops or shelves and in the assembly department.A Newhart Console receives its wood top.Assembled and carefully packed for shipping — a Baker's Rack is staged for shipping to the customer.Our Boone, NC offices and factory.


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