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The Cake Tester and the Cake Baker

Charleston Forge - Monday, December 09, 2013

CF Home absolutely loves this treasure that we found for our online store.

This hand-crafted cake tester is a fun and functional widget to have hanging in your kitchen. It takes the guesswork out of baking your favorite cakes, bread and muffins. Instead of using an often too short toothpick, simply break off one of the pieces of broom corn and insert it into the center of your confection to test its readiness. If it comes out clean you know it is finished baking and ready to savor.  A unique gift for anyone who enjoys a well equipped kitchen. The Cake Tester is crafted by the same artist who makes the other handmade brooms which we proudly offer on CF Home.  We love the story of broom maker, Marlow Gates and his family.  Read his story and order a cake tester for yourself or holiday gifts by clicking below:

Scroll down for more on Jo Ann Hallmark

Jo Ann Hallmark of Hallmark cakes is a premiere wedding and celebration cake designer. In our continued quest to promote and support  local businesses, we want to introduce her to you if you haven't already had the guilty pleasure of one of her cakes.  We contacted her to ask her to share with us some useful tips for better cake baking.  Scroll past these delicious cake images to find what she has to share.


1.  Often you can find a tool from another hobby to help in baking, I use a sewing gauge to level cakes.

2.  Once you take a cake out of the oven and let it cool in the pan, stick it (still in the pan) in the freezer.  Once it's frozen, put the pan on a hot burner for a few seconds to warm the pan so the cake comes out easily.  A frozen cake is much easier to level and frost, by the time your finished it will be thawed.

3.  Weighing ingredients on a digital scale is more accurate than using measuring cups.

4.  Sometimes when a recipe calls for sifting ingredients together they really just want the dry ingredients mixed together. You'll combine them much more thoroughly by whisking them together.

5.  If a yolk breaks and a drop spills into the whites when you are separating eggs, use a clean eggshell as a scoop to remove the yolk, it will be drawn to the eggshell.

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