Premium Glass

Fusion Glass

Fusion Glass is made of multiple layers of clear glass that have been fused together in an oven to create a very distinctive look. The low iron content of the glass gives it a pale blue hue, reminiscent of the color of a glacial lake. The underside has a slight mottled texture that complements the slight blue hue of the glass. Fusion Glass is available in some custom sizes. Fusion comes in four different choices of bottom treatment: Minimal, Seascape, Glacier and Pebble.

Cast Glass

Cast Glass is created by pouring molten glass into a mold. Each top is a one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring combinations of swirls, ripples and bubbles, both on the surface as well as inside the glass. Available only in 6.5-inch rounds. Cast Glass is not available in custom sizes. Please note that due to the manufacturing process cast glass the shade and tints cannot be controlled or guaranteed.

Riverside Glass

Visually, Riverside Glass is a blend of Fusion Glass and Cast Glass with a more organic look than some of our other glass products. Riverside features a softer, rounded to edge and a more textured bottom than Cast Glass.

Like Cast Glass, no two tops are alike. Riverside Glass is available in custom sizes.

Facet Glass

Facet Glass (GLF) is made of three ¼-inch pieces of laminated glass. Once the three pieces are bonded together, the center piece is shattered to create a random, faceted pattern on this very strong, ¾-inch thick top. Facet Glass is inset into a 2¼-inch thick Maple frame. Facet Glass is offered on a number of tables either as an inset top or as a sit-on top. The three layers that make up the top are evident in sit on top styles. Facet Glass is available in some custom sizes.

Our Standard Glass Tops

Our standard glass tops range from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch thick, depending on the product. Unless otherwise noted that glass is clear. A limited number of collections are available with bronze tinted glass. We also offer three types of premium glass on a range of our products, these are shown below.

A Note About "Clear" Glass

It is important to note that even when described as 'clear', all glass has some color, and the thicker a piece of glass is the more apparent that may become. The glass we use at Charleston Forge has a low iron content, which can display a pale blue or greenish hue, depending on the surroundings. This is sometimes more evident in our Fusion glass, which we is available up to 2 inches thick. Like all glass, the look of Fusion is heavily influenced by the color and intensity of the light passing through it and the environment around it.

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