Wood Distressing

Natural Distressing

Naturally Distressed Maple Swatch

Highlights the natural characteristics of the wood with no artificial distressing added. Wormy Maple is by its nature lightly distressed, featuring wormholes created by the ambrosia beetle. A custom quote is required if Maple is desired with no distressing or wormholes whatsoever.

Hand-Planed Distressing

Hand Planed Maple swatch

Planed by hand to create slight undulations in the surface of the wood. The resulting worn look is both authentic and "consistently inconsistent". Please note that Hand-Planed Distressing is not available with all finishes nor on all tops. Please refer to price list for specific details.

About Wormy Maple

Wormy Maple — also called Ambrosia Maple — exhibits a beautiful, contrasting grain pattern with distinct markings and worm holes created by the Ambrosia beetle. Natural Distressing highlights these natural characteristics with no other artificial distressing added. Maple tops and shelves can also be hand-planed.

Please Note:

Please also bear in mind that woods have grain and color variations caused by the growth pattern of each tree which may cause the finish on each piece to differ slightly.

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