Our Luxury Glass Products

As the Sales and Marketing arm of Andrew Pearson Glass, Charleston Forge is able to offer a wide variety of truly unique glass products as both inline and custom tops.

You can learn about the wide variety of products offered by Andrew Pearson Glass here.

Our glass can also be used in myriad other applications such as kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes, in hospitality settings such as bars and restaurants, and for use as vertical room dividers in both residential and commercial environments.

Available through Charleston Forge dealers. For special projects contact Kelly Gwaltney at kgwaltney@charlestonforge.com, or call 828.264.0100. For glass quotes please email glass@charlestonforge.com.

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Below you can download PDFs of the various glass options and specifications, or you can scroll down a little further and browse.

Andrew Pearson Glass - Specialty Glass Types and Specifications
Charleston Forge Specialty-Glass-Guide


Click on the links below the images to learn even more about the types of luxury glass we have to offer.

Charleston Forge Acid-Etched Bronze Specialty Glass

Acid-Etched Glass

On Ultraclear Glass

The top surface of the glass is chemically treated to create a matte finish with an almost satin-like feel. Available on clear, mirrored, or colored glass, it adds a great matte finish to back-painted surfaces. Available on single-layer and multi-layer, laminated glass.

Charleston Forge Purple Backpainted Specialty Glass

Back-Painted Glass

On Ultraclear Glass

Add stunning color to your design project with our back-painted glass. Completely customizable and easy to clean, back-painted glass is an attractive and durable option in commercial and residential applications. Available in most Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams colors. Also available on Acid-Etched glass.

Charleston Forge Blue Crackle Specialty Glass

Facet/Crackle Glass

On Ultraclear Glass

Facet glass is created by bonding three sheets of glass together and then shattering the middle piece. Available on both clear and colored glass in a variety of thicknesses. Also available mirrored. Example shown here is blue glass with mirrored backing.

Charleston Forge Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

On Ultraclear or Clear Glass

Although similar in appearance to acid-etched glass, frosted glass is created by sand-blasting the underside while the top remains glossy. Available on clear and ultraclear glass.

Charleston Forge Fusion Pebble Specialty Glass

Fusion Glass

On Ultraclear or Clear Glass

Fusion is made of multiple layers of clear glass that are fused together in an oven. Clear glass has a noticeable blue tint to it, while the low iron content of ultraclear glass leaves it with only a pale blue tint. Available in four different bottom textures.

Charleston Forge Laminated Linen Specialty Glass

Oyster Linen Laminate Glass

On Ultraclear Glass

As the name suggests, this glass is created by sandwiching a piece of linen in between two pieces of glass. They are then bonded using super-strong adhesives. Also available mirrored.

Charleston Forge Clear vs Ultraclear Glass

Clear vs. Ultraclear Glass

The clarity of glass is determined by its iron content. Clear glass will, under some conditions, appear to have a green tint.

With a lower iron content than that of clear glass, Ultraclear glass is much clearer. However given the right lighting conditions and background, it can still be perceived as having a hint of green.

With the exception of Fusion glass, clear glass is specified on all Charleston Forge standard product. If Ultraclear is desired on anything but Fusion glass, it must be custom ordered.

A Note About Glass Color

Please bear in mind that the look of glass is heavily influenced by the color and intensity of the light passing through it as well as the environment around it. On top of this, the varied color balance settings of individual monitors will also affect the color of the images seen here.

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