Specialty Glass Countertops

Countertops & Backsplashes

Glass is an ideal material for use as kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes, both in residential and commercial applications. Since the glass is thermo-formed it is very strong and being non-porous, glass is easy to clean. Subsequently, unlike stone, glass never needs to be re-sealed. Our standard countertop thickness is 1.5 inches but can be fabricated up to 3 inches thick.

Baltimore Kitchen Countertop

Two-inch thick white backpainted Fusion glass.

Sink Cutouts and Sit-On-Tops

Add a unique feature to an already unique element in your kitchen or bathroom. Just like the custom glass countertops they are cut into, holes for sinks can be cut in any shape, in any thickness of glass we create. Our glass tops can just as easily be used with sit-on-top sinks too, with a drain hole easily cut into the product. The tops can be used with any kind of backsplash, but we think our glass backsplashes (seen below left, and the one below that too) are the best choice.

Charleston Forge glass counter sink cutout

Seascape Fusion Glass

Charleston Forge sink cutout

Glacier Fusion glass.

Charleston Forge Specialty Glass Bathroom

Custom Fusion glass countertops and backsplash. The vertical, glass privacy screen is also a popular Andrew Pearson product.

Andrew Pearson Glass Bathroom Countertop
Andrew Pearson Glass Bathroom Countertop

Custom Fusion glass bathroom countertops with sit-on-top sink.

Wine Cellars and More

This wine cellar in a Chattanooga, TN residence, shows that Andrew Pearson Glass can be used in many different applications. The addition of LED backlighting adds a real pop.

Andrew Pearson Glass - wine-cellar-fusion-glass-3
Andrew Pearson Glass - wine-cellar-fusion-glass-3

Glacier Fusion glass countertops.

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Available through Charleston Forge dealers. For special projects contact Kelly Gwaltney at kgwaltney@charlestonforge.com, or call 828.264.0100. For glass quotes please email glass@charlestonforge.com.

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