Wood Finishes & Distressing

Maple Finishes

Also called Ambrosia Maple, Wormy Maple exhibits a beautiful, contrasting grain pattern with distinct markings and worm holes created by the Ambrosia beetle. Natural Distressing highlights these natural characteristics with no other artificial distressing added. Maple tops and shelves can also be hand-planed.

Ash Finishes

Walnut Finishes

Walnut is available with a Clear Coat finish only, emphasizing the tight grain beautiful variation of colors in the wood.

Clear Coat on Walnut

Wood Distressing Options

Natural Distressing highlights the natural characteristics of the wood with no other distressing added. Worm holes in our Maple tops, and the associated mineral streaks, are considered part of this.

Hand-Planed Distressing means, as the name implies, that the wood has been planed by hand to create undulations in the surface of the wood. The result is an authentic, worn look.

Please Note

Burnishing on Wood Tops

When choosing Alpine, Brentwood, or Wheat, it is important to note that it will display what is called ”burnishing” along the outer edges. This an intentional part of the finishing process wherein the outer edges of the top are subtly darker than the rest.

Finish Color

Please note that woods have grain and color variations caused by the growth pattern of each tree which may cause the finish on each piece to differ slightly. All swatches have been color-corrected to match the material being represented. However due to calibration variations between monitors we cannot guarantee that the colors seen on your screen or printer exactly match the finish.

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