Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire
January 2021
Written by Derek Halsey | Photos by Anthony Harden
Charleston Forge on Succeeding as an American Manufacturing Company
A walk through the Charleston Forge factory is an interesting journey. As glowing red hot steel is pulled out of a high-temperature propane heater, ready to be molded with a high-powered hydraulic pounder and an artisan’s hammer, the leg of a custom-designed table begins to take shape.
As the assembly line progresses, at the end of a long line of fabrication and construction, coating and painting, and impressive quality control, unique tables and chairs and other recognizable pieces come to life.
The new Charleston Forge catalog is what can only be described as a furniture dream book. Thick as a Vogue fashion magazine and just as graphically striking, the catalog is created and printed every two years. The 2020-2022 version just went to press, and inside it is page after page of original designs, beautiful furniture that was imagined, sketched, and created right here in the High Country of Western North Carolina.
Charleston Forge as seen in 2021 Capital at Play article Forged in Fire
See Charleston Forge in the January 2021 Issue of Capital at Play
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